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Diving specialty training


about 3 h per dive from



Hold an OPEN



for ages 10 and up

by type of training


Port of Nice: Quai Lunel or

14 quai des docks

  • Opt for diving specialty training

Congratulations and welcome to the diving community!

Now that you’ve completed the common core of your diver training, you can move on to modular training courses, or specialties, to broaden your scope of skills and exploration.. These specialties will enable you to improve your buoyancy, learn to orientate yourself in all underwater circumstances, dive to 40 m, dive at night or manage diver assistance, among other things.

The advantage of the specialties program is that it is modular, allowing you to manage your progress as a diver at your own pace.

These diving specialities will enable you to validate your levels:

  • SPECIALTY DIVER: 2 specialties + 12 experience dives
  • ADVANCED DIVER: 4 specialties + 24 experience dives
  • MASTER DIVER : 5 specialties (including Diver Stress & Rescue) + 50 dives of experience

Once you’ve completed the first stage, complete your training with a bridge to Open Water Diver.

  • You have a Scuba Diver or Level 1 :
    • Trained less than 6 months before the course: 2 training dives
    • Trained  more than 6 months before the course: 3 training dives
  • You have an Indoor Diver: 2 training dives
  • You have a Referral Diver:
    • Trained less than 6 months before the course: 4 training dives
    • Trained more than 6 months before the course: 5 training dives

SSI recognizes equivalencies for the majority of diving organizations. It is therefore possible to take a Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox or other training course, whatever your training organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information!