Expert freediver AIDA 4

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Deep freediving optimisation in the bay of Villefranche – sur -Mer

The expert freediver AIDA 4 is aimed to give you all the requirements for your freediving practice. It is also the last level before the AIDA Instructor Course. This course is dedicated to freedivers already comfortable aroune 25 m.

Duration :

4 days and a half including 5 depth sessions

Prerequisites :

You must be 18 years old at least and must have a medical form for the practice of freediving signed by a doctor. It should not be done less than a year. Be already an AIDA 3 or level equivalent. You also need to have a first, second care and CPR certification (EFR, PSC1…). We can organise a course for you if you do not have one.

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Description du produit

What will you learn ?

During this course, you will learn the techniques for diving below 30 m. After the “theorical” 30 m limits, we are getting to our pulmonary residual volum, what significate we can not normaly use the aire stuck in our lungs. That is a real problem if we wants to get deeper or comfortable on such depthes. Also, we can really feel the pressure on our body and it is gonna increase with the depth, this is why we need to learn how to prepare ourself to the pressure.

You will learn :

  • How to improve your equalisation and the mouthfill technique
  • How to dive safely in “FRC” dive or semi exhale training dives
  • How to stretch and increase the flexibility of the main muscles concerned
  • How to prepare yourself to the depth
  • How to organise a depth training session safely