Advanced freediver AIDA 3

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Improve your freediving skills in the bay of Villefranche !

The Advanced freediver AIDA 3 is designed for the freedivers already certified AIDA 2 (or similar level from an ther agency) already comfortable with the deph of 15 m and who would like to get the keys for being more comfortable deeper. During this course, you will learn all the advanced skills you will need to use for depth up to 30 m.

Duration :

3 days or 6 half days

Prerequisites :

You must be 18 years old at least and must have a medical form for the practice of freediving signed by a doctor. It should not be done less than a year. Be already an AIDA 2 or level equivalent.

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Description du produit

What will you learn ?

You will learn all the advanced skills needed to access depth of 25 / 30 m.

Depending on people, but when you start t approach depth of 20, 25 or 30 m, you can start to feel more the pressure on your body : it is more difficult to get air to your ears for equalisation, what you did without any problem before, you feel a little bi tense on your chest, not realising why there is that new “pressure”… All these different feelings are the consequences of the increasing of pressure with the depth. This pressure has an impact on your body and induce some changes. During the Advanced freediver AIDA 3, everything is made to get used to the pressure and accept it.

You will learn :

  • How to optimise your relaxation while freediving, relaxing all your muscles and specially the chest, the diaphragm and everything that can impact your equalisation
  • How to equalise with the advanced technique of “Frentzel”
  • How to free fall properly and having a good verticality
  • How to manage your effort during a depth dive from the start to the end
  • How to realise O2 and CO2 training tables


3 avis pour Advanced freediver AIDA 3

  1. 5 sur 5


    Stage apnee n3
    Super équipe,matos de qualité, très bonne ambiance pour progresser et se former dans l’apnée et la plongée sous marine

  2. 5 sur 5


    Perfect place to train apnea or take lAIDA courses. And if you don’t have enough you can still scuba dive with them!

  3. 5 sur 5


    What else ?
    J’ai choisi Chango pour passer mon Aida3. Marick a juste été exceptionnel. Ouvert, attentif, on sent le passionné prêt à tout partager. Sécurité et matériel performant sont au rendez-vous, le tout dans une superbe ambiance.
    Les plongeurs bouteilles que j’y ai côtoyé étaient tout autant ravis que moi.
    A bientôt pour l’aida4 !!

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